Collection: The CLEAN MACHINE… Vacuum, Steam, Sanitize and Deodorize.

TRADE-IN your old vacuum and TRADE-UP to our New Ultra-Tech Clean Machine, and we will give you back what you paid for your original purchase. You just pay the difference.

Call or Text or Call 813-390-1144 for your trade-in value.

Eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals and throw out your mop! Save time, and finally effectively clean. The pressure and steam combined dislodges the dirt and grime and the vacuum picks it up instantly!

The Most Advanced, Revolutionary Cleaning System Taking Vacuuming, Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing to a New Level

Designed in the USA and made in Italy, Carico’s Sanitizing System combines 4 machines in one:

  • Highly efficient water filtration vacuum
  • Dry vapor steam cleaner
  • Sanitizing system
  • Aromatize
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