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That is why we sleep, but why is it so hard to get the deep restful sleep you need?

Maybe you are here because you toss and turn all night, you wake up feeling groggy, you wake up with aches and pains, or suffer from any number of symptoms that are the result of a poor nights rest. Our GROUNDING Sleep Systems will help alleviate and solve these problems while providing many other health benefits.

"Many factors affect both the quality and amount of sleep we get. Some are health related and some are not. Non-health related factors can include the room temperature or using your phone or computer before bed. However, most sleep experts agree that it is your mattress and pillow that actually contribute the most to getting a deep restful healing sleep." 


“This may sound a bit odd, but we had a 13-year-old Maltese with an enlarged heart, the vet said she would not live much longer. We took delivery on our Ultra-Tech Grounding Sleep System shortly thereafter; she slept in our bed. On her next examination her heart was fine, the vet was amazed. When we explained the healing benefits of grounding our vet ordered a Topper from Health Craft.” LeAnn Tampa.

The Healing Benefits of Grounding - Medical Explanation

The biologic effects of grounding (“earthing”) on the human body during sleep reduces night-time levels of cortisol and resynchronizes cortisol hormone secretion more in alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm profile. Changes were most apparent in females. Furthermore, subjective reporting indicates that grounding the human body to earth during sleep improves sleep and reduces pain and stress. 


“Incredible night’s sleep. I can’t even explain how completely rested I feel. I can’t recall ever dreaming before getting this wonderful grounding topper from Health Craft. Now I dream almost every night. Thanks for another great product.” Joan P. Oxnard, Ca. 


"You will not be disappointed with the Ultra-Tech Sleep System from Health Craft. Best night’s sleep ever. Call them and they answer the phone and all your questions 1-813-390-1144. I have Health Craft products for more than 40 years. Great company." Marty S. Rahway, NJ

"All I can say is incredible!  Ultra-Tech is a sleep experience. When was the last time you had a deep incredible sleep and woke up completely rested. It’s like that for me every night. Trust me when I say... you will be blown away." Donnie Lee


Pillows are also important because they keep your head aligned with your neck and backbone during sleep. If your spine or neck is not in a neutral position, you may wake up during the night, causing sleep loss. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the goal should be to keep your head in a neutral position.


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