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Exclusive Patented Features Grounding Mattress, Toppers and Pillows with Silver Ions, Adjustable, Breathable Open-Cell Foam Core and Non-Toxic Flame Retardant. Designed in the USA and Made in Italy by Master Craftsmen. Call or Text 1-813-390-1144  


10 benefits of a good night's sleep

"Lose weight and keep your figure. Concentrate better. Be in a great mood. Look more attractive. Ability to make better informed decisions. Live longer. Be a winner. Less likely to get ill. You will remember things clearly. You will have better sex." Dr. Bock

"We purchased the Ultra-Tech mattress from Health Craft 3 years ago. I was nervous about buying a mattress without seeing it or laying on it first, but I did that with the last 2 mattresses and hated both. We have had Health Craft cookware for 25 years and know the quality, so we figured we would take a chance on their mattress. We love the fact that it (Ultra-Tech) is adjustable, my side is soft and Ed’s medium. With the grounding features it is the best night’s sleep ever." Brittany M. Cleveland 


"The majority reviews on Select Comfort are so positive my expectations were high. However, the responsive air technology is a joke. It "responds to your movements and automatically adjusts firmness on each side. Oh? You rolled on your back, let's firm this up! Nope. What it REALLY means is sit here while you put on your socks, and I'll deflate so much you can't get out of the valley created! We gave it away and bought a mattress from Health Craft – we’ve had their cookware for 30 years, so we trust their quality and excellent customer service. Absolutely love it. Utra-Tech is the best mattress ever. Billy Jean Nashville, TN

 "You will not be disappointed with the Ultra-Tech Mattress from Health Craft. Best customer service ever. Call them and they answer the phone and your questions 813-390-1144. I've known Charles Knight for 40 years. Great company." Marty S. Rahway, NJ

"All I can say is incredible! The Ultra-Tech Mattress is not a mattress it is a sleep experience. When was the last time you had a deep incredible sleep and woke up completely rested. Its like that for me every night. Trust me when I say... you will be blown away." Donnie Lee 

 "If you're not familar with grounding take a few minutes to educate yourself. This is not only the most comfortable mattress ever. It is the future of Sleep Technology. Only available from Health Craft". Charles Knight

 Why invest in the new Platinum Sleep Collection from Health Craft? One weight loss study found that participants getting 8.5 hours of sleep per night burned more fat, while those getting only 5.5 hours burned more muscle, as well as losing less weight as a whole. So, getting a good night’s sleep not only burns calories more effectively, it also helps you to shed fat rather than losing precious muscle mass. 

The luxurious Ultra Tech Platinum Sleep Collection is the result of years of research and testing. It is the only orthopedic, hypo-allergenic sleep system that adjusts to FOUR comfort levels. Made from the finest materials, Hand-Crafted in Italy, it adapts to the shape of your body without sagging. Whether you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, it keeps your spinal column in alignment. 



“This may sound a bit weird, but we had a 13-year-old Maltese with an enlarged heart and breathing problems, the vet said she would not live much longer. We took delivery on our Ultra-Tech Mattress shortly thereafter, she slept in our bed. On her next examination her heart was fine, the vet was amazed. When we explained the healing benefits of grounding our vet ordered a mattress from Health Craft.” LeAnn Tampa 


grounding toppers, mattresses and pillows 

 Just laying on a mattress in a mattress store for a few minutes does not tell you anything. Been there, done that and here I am again searching for a good night's rest. We have had Health Craft cookware for 40 years and it is excellent quality. So, we decided to give their mattress a try. Incredible night's sleep, extremely comfortable, and like our cookware, it's really made well. Thanks Health Craft. Bob W. 


 The only Grounding Pillow period! Adjustable to four levels.

“Incredible night’s sleep. I can’t even explain how completely rested I feel. I can’t recall ever dreaming before getting this wonderful mattress from Health Craft. Now I dream almost every night. Thanks for another great product.” Joan P. Oxnard, Ca.

Because of our worldwide distribution, prices vary from country to country, for this reason our Silver Sleep Collection is not sold online. Call or text 1-813-390-1144 for a Catalog and U.S. Price List  

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Established in 1970 HEALTH CRAFT is a 52-year-old Veteran Owned Family Business. Recipients of the American Express Award for Dedication to Excellence in Customer Service. Our formula for success, we only offer the highest quality products, and we answer texts and phone calls 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm 1-813-390-1144.

Thank you, we appreciate your business. LeAnn P. Knight, President. 

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