Tartar Sauce - The Best You Ever Had!

Tartar Sauce - The Best You Ever Had!

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TARTAR SAUCE is a popular condiment that is commonly served with seafood dishes, adding a tangy and creamy element to the meal. The exact origins of tartar sauce are a bit murky, with various theories suggesting different beginnings. Some believe that tartar sauce originated in France, where it was first served with fried fish. Personally, because of the ingredients, I believe it may have roots in Eastern Europe, particularly in countries like Russia and possibly India. Regardless of its precise origin, tartar sauce has become a beloved accompaniment to seafood dishes around the world, adding a flavorful twist to every bite.

Over time, tartar sauce spread in popularity across Europe and eventually made its way to the United States, where it became a staple accompaniment to fried seafood dishes. The classic ingredients of tartar sauce typically include mayonnaise, pickles, capers, and various herbs and spices, creating a flavorful and versatile condiment.

Today, tartar sauce can be found in restaurants and homes worldwide, adding a zesty kick to fish and chips, shrimp cocktails, and other seafood delights. Its enduring appeal and unique flavor profile continue to make tartar sauce a favorite among food enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs alike.

Our tartar sauce is the ideal accompaniment to seafood dishes, sandwiches, and more. This creamy and tangy sauce features a harmonious mix of mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, capers, lemon juice, and seasonings, creating a flavor profile that will elevate any meal. Whether you're a seafood lover or simply enjoy a good condiment, our tartar sauce is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Stay tuned for the full recipe and get ready to elevate your culinary creations with our delicious tartar sauce!


EQUIPMENT: 1 Qt. Mixing bowl, measuring cup, measuring spoons

PREPARATION TIME: 5 Minutes – Makes 4 to 6 servings.


·       1 cup mayonnaise

·       1 tablespoon of capers

·       2 tablespoons shallot or red onion finely diced.

·       1 tablespoon Dijon.

·       1 Tablespoon of gherkins sweet relish or sweet pickles diced.

·       1 teaspoon lemon juice

·       ¼ teaspoon of sugar (optional if needed)


Mix all ingredients in a small mixing bowl. Cover and chill until ready to serve.