#2 Julienne-Stringer Cutting Cone - Cono Rallador No. 2
#2 Julienne-Stringer Cutting Cone - Cono Rallador No. 2


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1992 to present. Food Cutter 2 STRINGER Julienne CONE - No. 2 Cono Rallador fits: Health Craft, Royal Prestige, New Era, Carico and more. Factory Authorized Replacement Parts exclusively sold by Health Craft. See website for a complete list of brands this part will fit. Factory Authorized Replacement Part 420js stainless steel

For cutting foods into medium-size Julienne "strings". Cuts considerable larger than shredder, but smaller than French fry cut.

  • Onions - Remove skin and cut onions in half for best results, placing outside of onion toward the hopper.
  • Carrots - Do not peel. Cut into shoestrings for salads and waterless cooking.
  • Cheese - Cuts into "macaroni-size" pieces for salads, pizza, or flavoring other dishes.
  • Apples - To peel apples or other fruits, place peeling side toward the hopper. Serve apple with peel left on for more healthful, appetizing, and eye-appealing dishes.
  • Potatoes - Create quick and easy hash browns.

CAUTION: As with any precision cutting instrument, the edges of the cutting cones are very sharp. Use extreme care when handling.

Originally made by the M.H. Graham Company of Biloxi, MS, the inventor and manufacture of the Original Rotary Food Cutter a 3-leg base named the Saladmaster. The company also made a 2-piece body round base for Life Time Cookware and the West Bend Company, and a 1-piece body square base made for Renaware, Health Craft and Vita Craft. M.H. Graham also made food cutters for Aristo Craft, Camelot, Carico, Classica, Colonial, CooksBest, Cook -O-Matic, Cordon Bleu, Crown Regent, DreamWare, Ekco, Flavorite, Flavor Seal, Future Craft, Kitchen Craft, Lustre Craft, RegalWare, Royal Prestige, Royal Queen, Salad Master, Seal-O-Matic, Society, Temp-Tone, Thermal Sentinel, Townecraft, Vacumatic, Vita Craft, Vollrath, West Bend, Wonder Ware and others.

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