Health Craft, Vita Craft LARGE Long Handle Snap-On No Screw Fits 9½, 11¼, 13-in Skillets

Health Craft, Vita Craft LARGE Long Handle Snap-On No Screw Fits 9½, 11¼, 13-in Skillets

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LARGE LONG HANDLE for Vita Craft and Health Craft waterless cookware fits 9½ sauté skillet, 11¼ sauté skillet, 13-inch French skillet - Snap-On No Screw 

Handle comes preassembled with stainless flame guard and spring inside the handle.

Fits pans from mid-90's to now.

  • 1-Qt. Saucepan
  • (SS) 9.5-inch Small Sauté Skillet
  • (LS) 11.25-inch Large Sauté Skillet
  • 13-inch French Gourmet Skillet
  • 7.5-inches 
  • 4.4 oz.

Handle snaps on, NO SCREW. Includes side handle, stainless flame guard and spring inside handle. Manipular SIN TORNILLO. Incluye asa lateral, protector de llama de acero inoxidable y asa interior con resorte. Please compare photo with part


  • To remove old handle, turn the pan upside down and lay it on a flat surface. Notice the slot between the flame guard and the pan. Using a flathead screwdriver, insert the tip into the slot (you may want to put a tape on the screwdriver to prevent from scratching the pan), and twist the screwdriver until the spring inside the handle releases.
  • To install the new handle. Be sure the flame guard is installed on the handle properly. Put the handle on as far as it will go. Then give the handle a good tap on a cutting board (or a good tap with a rubber mallet), the spring inside the handle will push over the prongs on the end of the stainless attachment and lock the handle in place.

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NOTE: The manufacturer has discontinued some original parts. Upgraded handles and knobs for this line may look different than the original but will fit your cookware.

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