Social Media Influencer Program

Social Media Influencer Program

Whether you are a novice influencer or an expert with established credibility and an audience on social media platforms, Health Craft has a unique compensation and incentive program for you. We are in search of dedicated people who have various levels of knowledge of social influence. If you believe you have the ability, power, and commitment to affect the buying habits for quantifiable actions by uploading content to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, or other online channels, your income and incentives have no limits. 

You will have an opportunity to work and train with top social media and marketing experts with decades experience. You will also have access to our entire product line, including our exclusive Carico brand. Professionally designed PDF Brochures and Catalogs, hundreds of product videos, and expertly designed social media marketing campaigns help you achieve success.

In addition to your social influence, we have tens of millions of existing customers spanning 50 years. When they receive or discover your social influence publicity, by accident or on purpose, you will earn commissions, bonuses, and incentives.

Compensation on Sales Generated with Your Unique Follower Code

  • Weekly Commissions paid on sales
  • Monthly Health Insurance Incentive
  • Quarterly Earned Merchandise Credits
  • Summer VIP Family Vacation Incentive
  • Winter Convention Incentive
  • Annual Profit-Sharing Plan
  • Lifetime Merchandise Discounts

For more information text or call 1-813-390-1144.