Pro-Series 2 Quart Sauté Pan 5-ply Bonded Stainless Steel
Pro-Series 2 Quart Sauté Pan 5-ply Bonded Stainless Steel
Pro-Series 2 Quart Sauté Pan 5-ply Bonded Stainless Steel

Pro-Series 2 Quart Sauté Pan 5-ply Bonded Stainless Steel

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Our 9-inch 2-quart Saute Fry Pan is the perfect addition to your kitchen. This pan's unique size and design make it a dual-purpose tool that can be used as a saucepan for vegetables, soups, and sauces, or as a saute skillet for chicken, steaks, chops, or stir-frying a one-pan meal. The lid inverts to store upside down in the pan or can be hung with the lid looped over the handle.

This pan is compatible with gas, electric, and induction cooktops, making it a versatile choice for any kitchen. It is made of 5-ply induction surgical stainless steel for durability and is deeper than a traditional fry pan, featuring an 9-inch wide and 2-inch tall sides that hold in juices, prevent splattering, and allow for easy turning with a spatula.

Our 2 quart Saute Pan offers the convenience of browning or searing, then deglazing or finishing in liquid, all in one pan. The solid stainless-steel handles are oven, grill, broiler, and campfire safe up to 500F. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty for home use and a 10-year warranty for commercial use, making it a reliable and long-lasting investment. Upgrade your cooking game with our versatile Fry Pan is proudly made in the USA.

Commercial Induction Cookware

  • For electric, gas and incredible on induction
  • Solid Stainless-Steel long handle and side helper handle
  • T304s Surgical stainless steel interior cooking surface will not react with food
  • High Polished 438 Magnetic Induction stainless steel exterior
  • Sold Stainless Steel Rivets for handle strength
  • Comfortable oversized handle
  • Convenient rolled lip for easy pouring
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Capacity: 2-quart capacity
  • Dimensions: 9W x 2H - inches
  • Weight: 2.25 Lbs. 
  • Made in USA.

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"Excellent quality, performance and release of foods. Easy to clean beautiful finish inside and out. My Preference over all others." Chef Von Bon, Exécutive Chef Privâtes Yacht Services LLC Monti Carlo

The Five Ply Commercial Cookware Experience in Excellence Made in the USA

While most Commercial cookware are made of aluminum for its even heat distribution, or non-stick for its release properties, or stainless steel for cleanliness and ease of cleaning, and with or without a magnetic base to provide for flexibility when cooking on gas, electric or induction. Commercial Cookware from Health Craft surpasses all desirable qualities.

    Five Ply Full-Body Construction

    • T304s non-porous surgical stainless steel cooking surface
    • 1145 Alloy Aluminum
    • 3004 Pure Aluminum
    • 1145 Alloy Aluminum
    • 439 Magnetic Stainless Steel Outer Surface

    “I have been doing business with Chef Knight exclusively for more than 25 years and have equipped many professional and home kitchens with Health Craft induction cookware. Excellent products and customer service.” Executive Chef Bodensee