Where is Health Craft Cookware Made?

Where is Health Craft cookware made?

Health Craft offeres multiple lines of 5-ply, 7-ply, and 9-ply cookware.

  • 5-Ply Health Craft Gold and Silver Classic is Made in the USA
  • 5-Ply Neova is Made in the USA
  • 5-Ply Vita Craft commercial is Made in the USA
  • 5-Ply True-Induction Cookware Made in China
  • 7-Ply 4-Square is Made in China and Korea
  • 7-Ply World's Finest Steam Control T304 Stainless Steel Made in Korea
  • 9-Ply Ultra-Tech II Magnetic 316ti with Titanium is Made in China

Which cookware line is the best? Ultra-Tech II 9-ply is the very best cookware ever made. However, not everyone needs the Rolls Royce of cookware. Most importantly we offer our customers a choice of features, benefits, and price.

Here's the point, our loyalty is to our customers not any one particular manufacturer. Whoever can supply us with the best quality product at a reasonable price that’s who we go with. Our customers are #1.

Equally important, customer service is king. At Health Craft the owners answer the phone, and we answer 18 hours a day 7 days a week. Seriously, do you want to talk with someone with a great deal of knowledge and experience or…?

Call or text us right now 1-813-390-1144

Here’s what you need to know when a company attempts to lead you to believe their cookware is 100% Made in the USA.

  1. METAL: Stainless steel metal for cookware is no longer made in the USA. All stainless steel comes from Switzerland, South Korea, or China.
  2. HANDLES: Although a few handles are still made in the USA, most handles come from Germany or China.
  3. ASSEMBLY: Stainless Steel Discs, Handles and Connectors are shipped to factories in the USA, China, and South Korea where the metal is pulled into shape of a pan by a large press, polished, handle fixtures welded and handles attached, and packed.

The fact is, from time to time, problems arise in manufacturing facilities. Change of personal, loss of talent, COVID, problems with materials and suppliers, and so on.

At Health Craft we deal with multiple suppliers and manufactures, if one has a problem, we have alternatives, and you can be assured that we are not going to pass on a manufacturer or supply problem to our loyal customers. We work for you!

Chef Charles Knight

P.S. Our Grounding Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows and Clean Machine Steam Vacuum are all made in Italy. Water Filter and Purification Systems made in USA.

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