The Benefit of 316ti Stainless Steel with Titanium

Simply put, Titanium added to stainless steel provides an extra barrier against corrosion, especially from salt. Used for years primarily in the boating industry. Is 316ti stainless steel a better metal for cooking? Yes!

Does adding Titanium to stainless steel improve heat conductivity? No! Stainless-steel, with or without Titanium, by itself is a poor conductor of heat. For cooking an additional heat conducting metal must be bonded to the stainless steel for even transfer of heat.

So, what metal is the best conductor of heat? Whereas most cookware companies use carbon steel or aluminum for heat conductivity. SILVER is the Best Thermal Heat Conductor. Twice as good a conductor as aluminum, and 10 times as good as a conductor as low-carbon steel. Copper and gold are good heat conductors as well.

Where can I find 316ti cookware with the Best Heat Conducting Core? Obviously, Gold is not practical, and cookware products with a copper plate, or a thin layer sprayed on, require maintenance and polishing. Is there a cookware with Silver?

Only Ultra-Tech II 316ti Surgical Stainless-Steel 9-Ply with Titanium incorporates an Aluminum Core with Two Layers of PURE SILVER in the Double Ultra-Core “Plus” base providing unsurpassed ability to heat quickly and spread heat evenly throughout the pan. It is the Best Heating Pan ever! For Gas, Electric and incredible on an Induction range.

NOTE: There is a considerable amount of misinformation online about 316ti stainless steel cookware. As always, we encourage our readers to checkout and verify all statements through online research. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chef Charles Knight traces his interest in the culinary arts to his childhood home kitchens of his diverse ethnic neighborhood of Rahway, N.J. He became a sales rep for EKCO Cookware and Cutlery in 1970 and soon became one of the company’s largest distributors. He purchased EKCO Home Products direct sales cookware and cutlery division in 1997.

       He received his basic culinary training working in the Industrial Kitchens in north Jersey while still in high school. Later in life he received his formal culinary training attending the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and earned credits in Nutritional Cuisine from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.

       Chef Charles Knight is an author of cookbooks, a Radio and TV cooking show host, a restaurateur, and the co-creator of Health Craft cookware with Chef Tell. Recognized worldwide as the foremost export on the classic methods of waterless and greaseless cooking and cookware.

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