Waterless Cooking - The Vapor Seal Method - Watch Video

Waterless less cooking is a unique method of food preparation, and it is a much healthier way to cook. Keep in mind that Waterless Cookware works on the principle of air displacement, so you need to nearly fill the pan with vegetables when cooking the waterless way.

To preserve the minerals and vitamins located in and just beneath the skin of your vegetables, brush with a vegetable and rinse in filtered water DO NO PEEL. Vegetables that are cut evenly will cook evenly. Fill or nearly fill the pan then rinse the vegetables with filtered water and pour all the water off. Just the moisture that clings to the vegetables is sufficient for waterless cooking.

Place the pan on medium heat cover and open the vent. When steam begins to escape from the vent it is time to lower the heat, 3 to 5 minutes. (Some higher-end waterless cookware brands have whistles to alert you that it is time to lower the heat.) MEDIUM heat is to bring your waterless cookware to temperature quickly to form a vapor seal and LOW is for cooking your vegetables the waterless way.

How it works: When the air inside the pan is heated it begins to expand forcing air and moisture out through the vent and around rim of the pan once the vent is closed. This process forms a VAPOR-SEAL between the pan and its cover. As the temperature drops inside the pan the pressure is reduced and the lid will be sucked down creating a partial vacuum cooking the vegetables in their own natural moisture without adding water.

The objective of waterless cooking is to not only to SAVE precious minerals and vitamins but also to preserve life-giving enzymes by cooking below the boiling point. Waterless cooking results in healthier, better tasting vegetables.

My reference to using “Filtered Water” for rinsing is because vegetables will readily absorb contaminants, especially chlorine and ammonia used to process tap water and bacteria and heavy metals found in well water.

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