TRADE-IN and TRADE-UP to Ultra-Tech II 9-Ply Magnetic 316ti Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware with Titanium


Our TRADE-IN Program is designed to get our new 9-Ply Ultra-Tech II 316ti surgical stainless-steel induction cookware with titanium into the kitchens of our most loyal customers at 50 percent off the retail price. For showing your friends and relatives your new cookware and spreading the word you can earn referral credits that can be redeemed for discounts, or free merchandise. We believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective way to reach new customers, and we want to show our appreciation for your support. So, order your new 9-Ply cookware today, start telling your friends and family about your cookware, and start earning credits towards your next purchase! Additionally, we will let you keep your old cookware and give you new handles as well.

    For your Trade-In value get in touch with us, our Customer Service team is here to help! You can reach us by emailing or by calling or texting 1-813-390-1144. Our team is available to assist you from 8 am to 10 pm daily, including holidays. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


    “We recently traded in our 29-year-old Health Craft cookware (gave the new set to our daughter and future son-in-law) and bundled it with 3 mattresses and 6 pillows as well as a whole-house water purification system for our new home. We are totally blown away by the quality of Health Craft products and even more importantly the knowledge and dedication of their Customer Service. Incredible in this day and age.” Bobby B. Lancaster, PA.

    Our Trade-In Offer for the new Ultra-Tech II 9Ply Magnetic 316ti Surgical Stainless-Steel Cookware with Titanium is a customer-friendly function that can be completed with a quick phone call. You can call or text us between 8 am to 10 pm, including weekends and holidays, at 1-813-390-1144.

    This is our latest innovation in waterless cookware - the 9-Ply Ultra-Tech II Magnetic 316ti Surgical Stainless-Steel Cookware with Silver and Titanium. This state-of-the-art cookware boasts 5 exclusive U.S. patents, making it a truly revolutionary addition to your kitchen.

    On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Glenn wrote: "Charles, Health craft does make superior stainless steel cookware.  I'm no chef, but when I compare the health craft sauté pans that I have to the Calphalon Tri-Ply, there is no comparison.  The Health craft heats up very fast and most importantly, the Health craft doesn't scratch with the metal utensils that I use.  The Calphalon Tri-ply is all scratched up on the surface.  That's why I recommend Health craft cookware to my friends. I have a Fagor pressure cooker, but that's a pain to clean if you don't get it early.  Health craft steel is also easier to clean.  If Fagor used your metal it would have been a better product.  They do make a great pressure cooker.  Has Health craft thought of making a pressure cooker?  A pressure cooker does have its place in the kitchen." Thanks, Glenn

    With its ultra-tech design, our cookware features 9 layers of stainless steel and titanium, ensuring even heat distribution and retention, as well as unparalleled durability. The magnetic feature of the cookware also makes it compatible with all cooktops, including induction.

    In addition to its superior cooking performance, the 9-Ply Ultra-Tech II Magnetic Cookware is also easy to clean and maintain. Its non-stick surface prevents food from sticking, making it effortless to clean after use.

    Upgrade your cooking experience with our new 9-Ply Ultra-Tech II Magnetic Cookware - the ultimate choice for any home chef!

    • It is the best and fastest heating pan ever made. 
    • Patented Ultra-Temp Control and Whistle Vent will tell you what to do and when.
    • Patented Ultra-Temp Whistle Vent to tell you to turn the heat down.
    • Patended Temperature Gauge tells you about the exact temperature inside the pan just like your oven.
    • Makes baking, roasting, and stack-cooking on top of the range possible.
    • We patented every feature of your new cookware so you will not find any cookware like it anywhere. 
    • Patended Extra Long Flame Guards to protect your handles from burning.
    • Soft-touch silicone ergonomic handles for comfort and non-slip grip.
    • Patended double layer of SILVER in the base for fast heat conduction. Twice as fast as aluminum and 10 times faster than cast iron. 
    • Patended Heavy bottom Heat Diffuser prevents burning and sticking.
    • 316ti Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium. Sanitary and easy to clean.
    • Works great on electric and gas - incredible on induction.
    • Exclusive 100-page recipe instruction cookbook, written specifically for your new cookware, comes with it.
    • No Interest Payment Plans Available

      Health Craft is a 53-year-old veteran-owned business and the only cookware company owned by a family of culinary professionals. specializing in waterless cooking. Our founders, Chef Tell and Chef Charles Knight wrote the books on Waterless Cooking, which has become a go-to resource for culinary professionals and home cooks alike.

      BUNDLING your TRADE-IN: Health Craft offers our customers a new way to save on their purchases. When you bundle your cookware trade-in with any of our other products, you can receive a trade-in discount. This offer applies to our Water Purification System, Air Purification System, Platinum Sleep System of Grounding Pillows, Toppers, and Mattresses, as well as any other products we offer. For more information and to view our Full-Line PDF catalog, please email, text or call 1-813-390-1144. Don't miss out on this opportunity to bundle and save with Health Craft.

      SHIPPING: your new cookware will be shipped to you the same say or the next business day! Our fast and reliable shipping partner, FedEx, will ensure that your package is insured and arrives safely at your doorstep. No need to wait long to start cooking with your new set. Order now and enjoy the convenience of quick shipping!

      There are THREE parts to your Limited Lifetime Warranty.

      1. MANUFACTURER’S DEFECTS: We understand that you want to invest in cookware that will last you a lifetime without any issues. That's why we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on your cookware. You can be assured that your cookware will not warp, buckle, bend, pit, chip, or corrode under normal conditions. In the unlikely event that you need service, we will provide you with a new saucepan, skillet, or stockpot at no charge. The only cost to you will be to ship it back to the factory supplier. To initiate the process, you will need a Return Authorization, which you can obtain by contacting customer service.
      2. HAZARD WARRANTY: At Health Craft, we understand that accidents happen. That's why we offer our customers a Hazard Warranty for their cookware. If your cookware is ever lost, stolen, or damaged due to a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, fire, or hurricane, or if you accidentally drop a pan and break a handle, or burn a pan up, we will replace it at a prorated amount. We want to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their Health Craft cookware and have peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected. To obtain your customer discount code, contact customer service.
      3. TRADE-IN WARRANTY: Our Pan for Pan or Set for Set TRADE-IN program, is designed to help you upgrade to the latest technology available with our exclusive Ultra-Tech II 9-Ply 316ti surgical stainless-steel cookware with titanium. With this program, you can exchange your old cookware for new and get back what you paid originally or up to 50% off retail, whichever is greater. We understand that there could be a sentimental value to your old cookware, and that's why we offer you the option to keep it. You can pass it on to your children or donate it, and we will even provide replacement parts for your old cookware at no charge with your trade. For your TRADE-IN value contact customer service.

      Health Craft is a 53-year-old veteran-owned family business. The only cookware company to receive the American Express Award for Dedication to Excellence in Customer Service.

      We look forward to serving you,

      LeAnn P. Knight, President Health Craft LLC.

      Check out Ultra-Tech II 9-Ply Magnetic 316ti Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware Here.

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