The Healthy Benefit of Sanitizing your Home and Kitchen

The Healthy Benefit of Sanitizing your Home and Kitchen by CHEF CHARLES KNIGHT

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and it SMELLS? That smell is from live growing bacteria. As a chef I know how critical it is to operate a sanitary kitchen and restaurant. Germs, viruses and particularly bacteria are everywhere; the food prep counters, kitchen utensils, refrigerator, sink, even the floors, bathrooms, and cutting boards in particular. I am known to be a “Clean Freak”. Back in the day we scrubbed everything in the restaurant with Clorox and Ammonia – neither of which was good for lungs nor skin, not to mention the high-cost of cleaning chemicals. Then I discovered the benefits of Dry-Vapor Sanitizing.

The CLEAN MACHINE from Health Craft will change the way you CLEAN and SANATIZE your home – every nook and cranny of your home. Allow me to introduce THE CLEAN MACHINE. It is a…

  • Dry-Vapor Sanitizing Steam Cleaner 318°F – kills germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Liquid Extraction Machine – picks up spills and deep cleans carpets and mattresses
  • Water-Trap Vacuum Cleaner – removes dirt, dust, and dust mites
  • HEPA Air-Purifier – removes microscopic particles from the air you breathe - washable
  • Aroma-Therapy Unit – emits a pleasant organic aroma

All in one futuristic looking single canister. The CLEAN MACHINE steam cleans and sanitizes your floors, counter tops, bathrooms and kitchen, vacuum your floors and low pile carpets, or clean it all at the same time with this unique, versatile cleaning machine. The onboard water container automatically fills the stainless-steel steam boiler providing 318°F dry-vapor steam for sanitizing, plus the vacuum will remove excess water vapor during use.

It KILLS household allergens such as mold spores, dust mites, bacteria, and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals. An efficient way to clean and sanitize your home without spending money on multiple cleaning machines, and we retired the broom, mop, the Swifter, and our Rainbow water-trap vacuum cleaner. Great thing about the CLEAN MACHINE – it’s compact and easy to store.

I personally tested the CLEAN MACHINE on a variety of surfaces, appliances and carpets and have been nothing short of amazed with its performance. Includes a good collection of cleaning accessories designed to make your cleaning chores much easier.

Checkout the CLEAN MACHINE VIDEO from Health Craft HERE!

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