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The advantages of Carico's air purifiers

There are many choices when it comes to filtering air. Carico’s goes beyond “Filtering and instead Purifies the air.

Most people think when it comes to filtering indoor air, it’s a matter of removing the pollutants they can see and smell. Most air filters offer only one and maybe up to 4 different stages, leaving behind in the room a long of contaminates.

There is NOT one AIR PURIFICATION system available that uses 5 different technologies and has 10 stages combined into one unit that address ALL the indoor contaminants, except for Carico’s Deluxe Air Purification systems.

Addressing only what you visibly see, or smell is not truly PURIFYING the air.  You would need a system offering more than the 1 -4 stages which most systems offer

  • Simply put, there are different sizes of pollutants-contaminates, so a better engineered system should have different stages to address the complexity of pollutants-contaminants.  
  • If the unit only offers 1-4 stages, then bigger particles can easily and quickly clog an air filter, the unit quickly becomes inefficient.
  • If the air cartridge clogs too quickly with LARGE PARTICLES, then the smaller contaminates are also BLOCKED and remain in the indoor environment.
  • It becomes costly to replace cartridges which expire too quickly.

Why are there 5 technologies and 10 stages in Carico’s air purifiers?

Owning a Carico air purifier is like having 10 systems, operating at the same time in the room.   

  1. Our system MOVES LARGE VOLUME OF AIR.  This insures that in the appropriate size room maximum volume of air passes through the air purifier cartridge.
  1. Most systems fail to CAPTUREsmall and large particles and are left behind in the room.  Especially important for allergy suffers.
  1. More than just dirt, house dust is a mix of sloughed-off skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic. While some systems ionize a limited space around the unit and some do not draw the dust-particles inside the cartridge properly, they remain in the room and cause many asthmas, allergy suffers more discomfort.  Carico incorporates a unique-patented technology to insure optimum IONIZATION.
  1. Odors and chemical pollutants need to be NEUTRALIZED so asthma suffers do not get triggered by them.
  1. Those who are sensitive to chemicals appreciate the ADSORPTION STAGEour system as they contain even more odor and chemical filtration and manufactured with materials that will not off-gas chemicals into the air and aggravate your symptoms.

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