Oil Core Electric Skillet and Saucepan Temperature Chart


Portable Convenience Automatically Controlled Precise Cooking Temperatures Immersible for Easy Cleaning

Setting Temperatures Oil Core | Liquid Core
Warm 175°F (79°C) Crockpot cooking, waterless cooking for crispy vegetables
Simmer-Low 175°F - 200°F Waterless cooking fruits and vegetables, cooked through
Med-Low 200°F (93°C) Baking cakes, casseroles
Med-Low 210°F (99°C) Hot cereals, baked meatloaf, casseroles, lasagna
Med-Low 225°F (110°C) Sauces, gravies, roasting meat after browning
Med 250°F (121°C) Eggs; fried, scrambled and omelets
Med 275°F (135°C) Steaming
Med 300°F (150°C) Sauté vegetables and seafood
Med-High 350°F (180°C) Browning meats, searing in natural juices, deep fry donuts
Med-High 375°F (191°C) Deep fry with oil, stir fry, browning meats without oil
High 400°F (210°C) Popcorn and Pasta
High 425°F (218°C) Boil, sauté, sear

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