Nutrition Basics Waterless Induction Cookware

There is increasing evidence that certain foods may help prevent or hinder some types of cancer. While the evidence continues to accumulate, adding these foods to your diet certainly cannot hurt and likely will help.

It is a particularly smart diet strategy. Eating many kinds of fruits and vegetables is sound advice from the American Cancer Society on cancer-proofing your diet. Most experts also recommend cutting down on fats and eating healthy amounts of fiber-the same prescription that experts say reduces heart attack risks. Maintaining your foods’ natural goodness by preparing your foods the waterless, greaseless way only makes good sense.

As human beings there are four major factors that influence our health: heredity, the environment, nutrition, and the amount and type of exercise we get.

We have the most control over our nutrition and the amount of exercise. This section has been designed as a primer on nutrition, to help you find a more healthful way to eat. By understanding where we currently are on the road to better health, we will all live longer more healthful lives.

A quote from the Surgeon General’s report on Nutrition and Health focuses on the cultural and social pleasures of our heritage.

Today, 12.5 million children are overweight in the United States—more than 17 percent. Overweight children are at greater risk for many serious health problems. This initiative promotes the importance of healthy eating and physical activity at an early age to help prevent overweight and obesity in this country.

Estimated Total Deaths & Percent of Total Deaths for the 10 Leading Causes of Death in the USA

Rank Cause of Death Number Percent
1 Heart Disease* 652,486 27.7
2 Cancer* 553,888 23.1
3 Strokes* 150,074 6.3
4 Lung Disease 121,987 5.1
5 Unintentional Injuries 112,012 4.7
6 Diabetes mellitus* 73,138 3.1
7 Alzheimer's Disease 65,965 2.8
8 Pneumonia & Influenza 59.664 2.5
9 Kidney Disease* 42,480 1.8
10 Blood Disease Septicemia 33,373 1.4
All other causes 532,548 22.2
Total 2,338,011

Source: National Center for Health Statistics, Reports Vol. 56, No. 5 2007
* Causes of death in which diet plays a part.

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