Nutri-Tech Deluxe Air Purifier Replacement Cartridge Instructions and Video.


Carico's Nutri-Tech Deluxe Air Purification System Care & Use from Carico International on Vimeo.

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How to install the NEW AIR PURIFIER CARTRIDGE in an older model Nutri-Tech Deluxe Air Purifier from Carico.

  1. Unplug the air purifier before installing your new Air Purifier Cartridge.
  2. Carefully pull open the air purifier cabinet door
  3. With a soft cloth wipe / clean the door and the housing to remove any dust, hair, and fiber.
  4. Look on the thinner cartridge for a cloth tab at the top,
  5. Grip and Pull the tab forward, and gently push simultaneously down, to depress the small spring holding the bottom of the cartridge into the housing, the thinner cartridge will easily remove.
  6. Now the thicker of the two cartridges will be exposed.
  7. Pull the tab located ON THE THICKER CARTRIDGE forward, and gently push simultaneously down, and the thicker cartridge will come out of the housing.
  8. With a soft cloth, wipe the area within the housing to remove any dust, hair, and fiber.
  9. Unbox and remove the protective thin transparent plastic covering off from the NEW cartridges, and properly dispose of them.
  10. Place the thicker of the two cartridges with the “pull tap” facing you andinsert into (bottom first) into the housing. With your thumb depress the plastic tab at the top right of center, and slide the cartridge under the tab.
  11. Place the thinner of the two cartridges, into the air purifier “interior door”, not in the cabinet housing as it was originally installed. Why? Because the new cartridges have added layers and the two together are thicker and this will prevent the cabinet door from shutting properly.
  12. Instead, place the thinner cartridge, with the tap facing you, into the inside of the cabinet door.
  13. You will need to keep in mind that there are two springs at the bottom of this thinner cartridge, and you need to press firmly down on the cartridge as you slot the thinner cartridge into the door of the cabinet. 
  14. If it is too tight of a fit, it may be necessary, with a pair of pliers, to remove the two springs on the bottom of the cartridge, and insert it into the cabinet door, with the tab facing you. 
  15. We made a thicker air cartridge, and we made it to fit SNUGLY into the cabinet, to prevent any by-passing of air.
  16. Properly dispose of the used cartridges.
  17. Once reassemble, plug in, turn on the settings and enjoy pure safe air.


We also suggest-recommend replacing the ozone coil kit every 3 to 5 years.  If you use the “Deodorizer” frequently, it may need to be replaced sooner. If the smell of ozone disappears sooner, then replace the ozone coil kit sooner.

  1. While the unit is unplugged, locate the 4 screws on a plate; located on the back side of the unit.
  2. Unscrew the 4 screws and gently pull the plate out from the housing.
  3. The plate will have a “ozone coil kit attached.
  4. There will be a connection of wires that go from the coil kit to the wires coming from inside the unit.
  5. Carefully detach the wires from the unit, from the wires attached to the coil kit.
  6. Open the NEW OZONE COIL kit box and gently remove the NEW coil kit and Attach the wires.
  7. Re-insert the coil kit back inside the housing.
  8. Tighten the four screws and re-plug the unit in.
  9. Once reassemble, plug in, turn on the settings and enjoy pure safe air.

NOTE: When ordering replacement ozone coil kits, always order the CORRECT COLOR and size.  There is a Black and a Dove Grey-Silver coil kit, to match the color of the unit.  There is one coil kit code for each of the colors and for the correct size of the air unit.

I hope these instructions are clear for you.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Charles Knight

Health Craft a Carico Distributor

Text or call 1-813-390-1144

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