New York City's Iconic Black and White Cookie - In the Kitchen with Chef Charles Knight

The black and white cookie is a beloved treat that has been an iconic part of New York Citys culinary scene for over a century. The cookie is typically round in shape, with one half covered in dark chocolate icing and the other half in white vanilla icing. But what is the story behind this famous cookie?

The origin of the black and white cookie is a bit of a mystery, but it is believed to have been traced to Glaser's Bake Shop in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan, founded in 1902 by Bavarian immigrants. The black-and-white cookie was among the original recipes used by Glaser's Bake Shop. immigrants who settled in New York City in the late 1800s. The cookie called the Amerikaner, which was a simple vanilla cookie with a chocolate glaze. Over time, the recipe evolved into what we now know as the black and white cookie.

The cookie became particularly popular in Jewish bakeries and delis, where it was often served alongside other traditional Jewish baked goods like bagels and challah bread. In fact, the black and white cookie was even mentioned in an episode of the TV show Seinfeld, where the character Jerry famously declares that the cookie is two races of flavor living side by side in harmony.

Today, the black and white cookie can be found in bakeries and delis throughout New York City and beyond. It has become a symbol of the city's diverse culinary heritage and is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. Whether you prefer the chocolate or the vanilla side, there's no denying that the black and white cookie is a true New York classic.

In the Kitchen with Chef Charles Knight

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