Does Silver Kill Bacteria & Viruses?

Using silver as medicine dates back thousands of years and scientists have long known about silvers healing properties and use as a potent antibacterial agent. When silver oxidizes it releases silver ions which are lethal to both bacteria & yeast and helps to fight against viruses. Ancient civilizations recognized the healing properties of silver and would use it to treat open wounds. American pioneers would toss silver coins into their water storage barrels in order to keep their water supply fresh. My father always had a pocket full of silver coins, and he would continually jingle them in his hand, and I can hardly remember him ever being sick.

Silver ions kill bacteria by punching holes in the cell’s membrane, binding to the bacteria cell from the inside, and wreaking havoc by preventing the bacteria from performing its most basic functions. Once the silver has killed the bacteria, the remaining silver is stored inside the dead cells and remains deadly to all remaining live bacteria. Researchers used electron microscopy, to image bacteria killed by silver ions and discovered reservoirs of silver nanoparticles built up inside the dead bacteria. This indicated that the dead bacteria acted like sponges, soaking up the silver ions as they died. These silver ions would ultimately leach out into the surrounding environment infecting and killing more bacteria cells. noted that bacteria cells, “‘go zombie,’ wiping out their living compatriots even after death.”

Viruses are tinier than bacteria and have a protein coat and a core of genetic material, either RNA or DNA. Unlike bacteria, most viruses can cause disease, and they are quite specific about the cells they attack. Silver not only kills bacteria, but viruses as well. No matter how the virus mutates, it cannot influence and change the way living body cells respond to invasion. This allows silver's long-lasting antibacterial power to be effective in countering viruses. This is also why silver is used to improve the performance of medical products and over-the-counter cold medicine that keep us safe from harmful pathogens. 

Doctors and hospitals rely on an array of silver-infused medical products, like bandages and catheters, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Silver ions, in combination with grounding (Earthing) technology, are commonly used to treat severe wounds. The ability to continuously deliver silver ions for protection and healing led us to develop our Silver Ion based product line to promote a healthier home.

If you are looking to cultivate an antibacterial, antiviral environment for your home, consider the 3 Pillars of Better Health: The Air You Breathe, the Water You Drink, and the Mattress and Pillow You Sleep On. Our Nutri-Tech Air PurifiersNutri-Tech & Ultra-Tech Water PurifiersSilver Sleep Earthing System (Mattresses, Toppers and Pillows), and even our NEW Sanitizing Steamer Vacuum, are all impregnated with a healthy supply of Silver Ions for a Longer, Healthier Life.

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