Seal-O-Matic, Seal Rite, Society, Wonder Ware TOP KNOB and DISC Waterless Cookware Replacement Part

Seal-O-Matic, Seal Rite, Society, Wonder Ware TOP KNOB and DISC Waterless Cookware Replacement Part

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Cover KNOB and DISC for RAINBOW waterless cookware replacement part sold by Health Craft in the 1970s. 

Fits Camelot, Cook-O-Matic, Cordon Bleu, Crown Regent, Del Glo, Shir Life, Duncan Hines, Emdeko, Flavorite, Magic Maid, Gracious Living, Twin Star, Home Ec, Homemakers Guild, Maxam, Rainbow, Presto Pride, Seal-O-Matic, Seal Rite, Society, Wonder Ware, Waterless Cookware replacement part.  

Also fits the following brands

  • Camelot waterless cookware (older models)
  • Classica waterless cookware (older models)
  • Cook-O-Matic waterless cookware (older models)
  • Cordon Bleu waterless cookware (older models)
  • Crown Regent waterless cookware
  • Del Glo waterless cookware
  • Shir Life waterless cookware
  • Duncan Hines waterless cookware
  • Emdeko waterless cookware
  • Flavorite waterless cookware (older models) 
  • Magic Maid waterless cookware
  • Gracious Living waterless cookware
  • Twin Star waterless cookware
  • HomeEc waterless cookware
  • Homemakers Guild waterless cookware
  • Maxam waterless cookware (older model Made in USA)
  • Rainbow waterless cookware sold by Health Craft 1970's 
  • Presto Pride waterless cookware (older models)
  • Seal-O-Matic waterless cookware (older models)
  • Seal Rite waterless cookware (older models)
  • Society waterless cookware (older models)
  • Wonder Ware waterless cookware (older models)

For cookware brands Made in the USA ONLY

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