CLOSEOUT SALE - 7-Ply Magnetic Induction 8-inch GOURMET FRY PAN - Perfect 2-Egg Pan
CLOSEOUT SALE - 7-Ply Magnetic Induction 8-inch GOURMET FRY PAN - Perfect 2-Egg Pan

CLOSEOUT SALE - 7-Ply Magnetic Induction 8-inch GOURMET FRY PAN - Perfect 2-Egg Pan

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NEW LOW PRICES - WE NEED TO GET THIS SOLD – Making room for our New Ultra-Tech II 9Ply Magnetic Waterless Cookware with Titanium

8-inch Gourmet Frypan – 7Ply Induction Construction - Features mirror finish exterior, satin finish interior.

Constructed of extra-heavy T304 stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime. The 7Ply construction spreads heat quickly and evenly. The riveted handle is superbly styled and resistant to heat, cold and detergents. Includes 8" skillet. Limited lifetime warranty.

Sear, brown, and pan fry everything from eggs to chicken, steaks, and chops with the Health Craft Induction 8-Inch Fry Pan.

For Searing, Browning, and Pan Frying

The flat bottom and flared sides of this 8-inch fry pan makes it easy to toss food or to turn it with a spatula. The pan is ideal for cooking with or without oils and helps food develop rich flavor, bright color, and crisp texture. The pan's air-cooled stainless-steel stick and loop handles stay cool on the cooktop, so you can cook safely and comfortably.

Health Craft… Changing the Future of Healthy Home Cooking

  • 304 Surgical Stainless-Steel cooking surfaces will not react with food
  • Comfortable, air-cooled stainless-steel handles stay cool
  • Beautifully polished magnetic surgical stainless-steel exterior
  • High polished cooking surface resists sticking
  • Convenient flared lip for easy pouring
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: 8W x 2H
  • Capacity: 1.5 quarts
  • Pan Weight: 2.5 Lbs.
  • Imported


What Is an Over-Easy Egg?

Unlike sunny-side-up eggs, which are only cooked on one side and never flipped, over-easy eggs are flipped so that they are cooked on both sides. The “easy” refers to the doneness of the yolk and means that it is still runny, although you can always cook the eggs longer to “over medium” or “over hard.”

Pick the Perfect Pan

Eggs are notoriously fickle and like to stick to all cooking surfaces, even so-called non-stick pans, so start with the right size pan. For one or two eggs, an 8-inch gourmet frying pan is the right size so that the eggs have plenty of room to spread out and cover the entire cooking surface. Regardless of whether the pan is a coated pan, or stainless steel, you will need a small amount of unsalted butter to guarantee that your sunny-side up or over-easy eggs slide onto the plate like a dream.

Use Low Heat and Unsalted Butter

Too high a heat and you are guaranteed the eggs will not only stick but burn as well. Low is the best way to go. Eggs cook perfectly at 240ᵒF or medium-low heat. Unsalted butter is made up of butterfat, milk solids and water. When the water vapor begins to evaporate – tiny bubbles – it is time to put the eggs in the pan.

Simple Seasonings

While you can definitely fry over-easy eggs in oil, butter adds a nice nutty flavor and richness, and 1 tablespoon is what you need for two eggs. Melt the butter in the pan, crack in two large eggs, and season with some kosher salt. If you like pepper, wait until you flip the eggs over before peppering, as this makes sure that the pepper does not burn and stays nice and potent.

When to Flip?

Probably the most nerve-wracking part of frying over-easy eggs is knowing when to flip the eggs. Here is the golden rule: Wait until almost all the whites are cooked and set (meaning they go from clear to opaque). You want to cook the eggs undisturbed until there is just about a half-inch of unset whites surrounding the yolks.

Once the whites are ready, it is time to flip. Make sure you have the right tool for this job: A wide, flat spatula is your best friend. Use the edge of the spatula to cut and separate the eggs if the whites have run into each other so that you are only flipping one egg at a time. Gently slide the spatula under the first egg and make sure it is centered under the yolk, then take a deep breath and gently flip the egg over. Ta-da! Easy-peasy and now you have the confidence to flip that second egg.

Cook the eggs on the other side for just about 30 seconds more so that the whites are now fully set, and then slide onto the plate and enjoy while hot. We recommend lots of buttered toast to sop up all the delicious runny egg yolk. For those who like their eggs cooked more medium, just cook on the second side a little longer. If cooking for more than one, scale the recipe up accordingly and use a larger pan.