EKCO Arrowhead Ham & Bread Knife - Made in USA 1965 - Never Used
EKCO Arrowhead Ham & Bread Knife - Made in USA 1965 - Never Used
EKCO Arrowhead Ham & Bread Knife - Made in USA 1965 - Never Used
EKCO Arrowhead Ham & Bread Knife - Made in USA 1965 - Never Used
EKCO Arrowhead Ham & Bread Knife - Made in USA 1965 - Never Used

CLOSEOUT SALE Vintage Ekco Arrowhead Serrated HAM & BREAD KNIFE - Made in the USA - Reconditioned

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From Chef Charles Knight's Personal Collection - 9 3/4-inch Serrated HAM & BREAD Knife - 18 1/2-inches overall length. Vintage Serrated Ham & Bread Knife - reconditioned - Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We discovered that nanoparticles of gold were present in the handles of Vintage Arrowhead Cutlery… this can only mean that the Norwegian Birch veneers, growing in gold-rich soil, metabolically absorbed the gold. Yes, trees actually can and do pull gold from the ground.

This is handmade with BLACK & SILVER SABLEWOOD handle - Handmade in the USA in 1965 - NEVER USED

Arrowhead cutlery was developed and manufactured by EKCO Home Products in the 1960’s, primarily for the direct sales market. With its unique features and extremely high quality, it soon became the most popular and widely sold collection of cutlery in the world.

When EHP “Ekco Home Products” decided to get out of the direct sales business in the mid 70’s, Ron Franklin, its largest distributor assumed control of the product line and continued the business until 1997 when the company was sold to TV cooking show host and cookbook author Charles Knight of Tampa, Florida.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Franklin had other opportunities and much higher offers for the exclusive Arrowhead cutlery line, but decided to sell to Knight for one reason and one reason only, Knight’s enthusiasm and commitment to carry on the Arrowhead tradition.

As the story goes, Charles Knight began selling Arrowhead cutlery in 1970 while attending Rutgers University… the very first sale he made was to his parents Ray and Lucille Knight. “Arrowhead cutlery was part of my parent’s home, and was proudly displayed on the kitchen wall until mom sold the home after dad passed away in 1998. It was not only put to great use, but it marked the beginning of my sales career. When Ron decided to sell the company in 1997, how could I not be interested in purchasing it?” Today Knight’s very first sale, his parents 32 pc set of Arrowhead cutlery, is proudly displayed in his office in Tampa.

From the 1960’s until this very day Arrowhead cutlery remains to be the premier line of cutlery available on the market today, and it still carries an unconditional 50 year lifetime guaranty. You will not find it in retail stores; its only available directly from the manufacturer via authorized distributors and the company’s website www.arrowheadcutlery.com.

Features & Benefits

It’s all about the Blade…

  • High Carbon, 425M Chromium Stainless Steel with Molybdenum and Vanadium
  • Superior edge design provides smooth, clean cuts
  • Polished mirror finish for beauty and easy care
  • Knife points contoured for protection
  • Resists rusting and corroding
  • Stain resistant for beauty
  • Superior edge retention

Handle Design…

  • Fatigue resistant design
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Fits small or large hand, left or right
  • Will not crack, chip, or absorb moisture
  • Forefinger and thumb grip for safety and control
  • Highly engineered layered Mahogany, hard and durable
  • Tang extends full length of the handle for extra strength and balance
  • Triple rivets are ground flush with the handle for durability, strength and comfort
  • Formed under tremendous heat and pressure to resemble “rock like” petrified wood
  • Dishwasher safe, although many knives claim to have handles that are dishwasher safe, temperatures of new model dishwashers may tend to affect the temper of the blades. We recommend hand washing and drying.


  1. Hand Made Sablewood Handles... crafted of beautiful Mahogany wood veneers impregnated with resins under tremendous heat and pressure... duplicating what Mother Nature takes millions of years to accomplish in petrified wood. Hard and durable enough to resist burning stains and chip.
  2. Perma-Keen Cutting Edges... our serrated knives provide 30% more cutting surface than traditional serrated knives. Tips take abuse and crescents do the cutting for lasting sharpness. The only serrated knife that can be re-sharpened by the customer.
  3. Sculptured Handles... have fine grips carved for safer handling, firmer knife control, an extra safety factor for wet or slippery hands.
  4. Full Tang Construction... an extra quality safety feature that assures extra strength, perfect balance and longer life. The tang extends the full length and width of the handle.
  5. New Heavier Gauge Blades... the kind used by professional chefs who demand the finest cutting blades.
  6. 425M Chromium Stainless Steel Blades... blends of the finest Hi-Carbon Steel, Chromium, Magnesium, Molybdenum and Vanadium create blades that stay sharp, and resist rusting, tarnishing and staining.
  7. Hollow Ground Blades... for keen precision cutting, both sides of the cutting blade are sharpened toward the edge... then the blade is beveled sharply to the cutting area.
  8. Elegant Storage Holsters & Blocks... keep your knives in place on the wall, drawer, countertop or tabletop, or in handcrafted leather storage holsters. Attractive, contemporary blocks and holsters compliment the finest cutlery manufactured.
  9. Saber Ground Blades... the entire grind is beveled sharply to the cutting edge for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
  10. High Compression Rivets... of nickel/chrome join the blade firmly to the SABLEWOOD Mahogany layered handles and are guaranteed never to pull apart.

The Sablewood Fan shown here demonstrates how the finest Mahogany veneers are fused under pressure approaching 250 tons per square inch, resulting in handles of synthetic petrified wood. The beauty of wood with the durability of a “rock like” material provides Handles that will last more than a lifetime.

Arrowhead Cutlery is the world’s finest, sculptured, contemporary styling cutlery, American-made perfection for you to treasure for a lifetime. Cut, slice, chop and carve your foods to perfection with this new exciting ensemble. Famous Arrowhead Cutlery is the standard that all others try to duplicate…the finest precision cutting and serving instruments are available only through your authorized Health Craft/Arrowhead Cutlery Distributors