8in Heat Diffuser Flame Tamer prevents overheating handles
8in Heat Diffuser Flame Tamer prevents overheating handles

Nordic Ware 8-inch HEAT DIFFUSER Flame Tamer prevents overheating handles

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“HANDLES OVERHEATING?” Try this 8-inch Heat Diffuser Flame Tamer - for GAS and ELECTRIC range

Some gas stoves can seem like they have just two settings: off or devilishly hot. That's no good for cooking vegetable the waterless way, when braising meats or cooking rice, but don't get all hot and bothered if you can't find a low, slow heat source to cook your vegetables the healthy waterless way, finish the braise, or perfect rice. There is a solution - the stove-top heat diffuser.

Prevents handles from overheating. Heavy Cast Aluminum plate sits on your burner absorbing and diffusing heat. Perfect for electric and particularly GAS BURNERS too powerful to maintain a low or simmer setting. Directs heat to the bottom of the pan instead of up the sides of the pan, prevents overheating of metal and Thermo-Plex cookware handles.

Many of the newer model designer stoves, both gas and electric, are designed to look good, but can be difficult to modulate, especially on low heat. In some cases, a stove feels like it is only “hot” and a “really hot”, or the stove turns off entirely before a desired low or simmer temperature is reached. This can be especially frustrating with dishes like rice, which require a delicate simmer, not a robust boil, to cook properly. A heat diffuser reduces the overall heat reaching the pan, while also spreading it out across the bottom-center of the pan,

A heat diffuser is a stovetop utensil, which ensures that heat is evenly distributed across the bottom center of a pan and not up the sides of the pan. This is crucial for dishes, which need to simmer for a long time on low settings, and it can eliminate the common problem of loss of heat energy and overheating metal and Thermo-Plex handles.

8 Inch Heat Diffuser Plate fits gas or electric burners - Made in USA - Five-Year Warranty

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