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Waterless Cooking the Vapor Seal Method

Mother Nature designed foods to give us everything we need, naturally. Food contains abundant flavor, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and color. However, many cooking methods can rob food of its natural qualities.

Fortunately, the Vapor Seal method of Health Craft waterless, greaseless cookware saves money, work, time, energy, flavor, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. “Waterless, Greaseless” cooking is possible because a vapor seal is created around the lid; and heat is distributed evenly across the bottom and up the sides of the cookware.

This process cooks food in its own natural liquids for nutritious, flavor-filled meals. Food shrinkage is greatly reduced, making waterless, greaseless cooking more economical than ordinary cooking methods. The seal is maintained by using low heat. Health Craft cookware is the most energy efficient cookware on the market, and it will pay for itself.

The vapor seal method retains the nutritional value of your foods by eliminating the following process that drains food of its natural goodness. Peeling fruits and vegetables removes the vitamins and minerals directly beneath the skin. We do not recommend you peel these foods; a good scrub with a vegetable brush and water is all that is necessary.

Boiling sterilizes food, dissolves water soluble minerals, and destroys both the flavor and color. The vapor seal method cooks food completely in its own natural moisture, without added water and without boiling.

High temperature destroys vitamins and minerals and causes food to dehydrate and shrink. For example, when you smell a roast cooking in the oven, you are really smelling the natural meat juices that have been transformed into vapor. The high temperature combined with open cooking greatly adds to meat shrinkage. The Vapor Seal Method cooks meats on medium to low heat, retaining the natural juices which tenderize and flavor the meat. This method also retains the natural juices and flavor and decreases meat shrinkage dramatically.

Oxidation of food occurs when cooking without a cover exposing food to the air and reduces the quality of the food significantly. These qualities are locked into the food when the vapor seal is formed, keeping the aroma and natural goodness in the pan. For example, you will not know if broccoli or cabbage is being cooked until the cover is removed from the pan.

Finally, adding fat and oil in food preparation make food seven times harder to digest, and it adds excessive calories. Using the vapor seal method, the natural properties of the food keeps it from sticking to the high-quality stainless-steel pan. Plus, the vapor seal method retains natural flavors without the need to add salt, butter, or oil after cooking to restore flavor.

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