8 oz. Beverage FLASK 304 Surgical Stainless Steel

8 oz. Beverage FLASK 304 Surgical Stainless Steel

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Transport purified water or your favorite beverage in this 8-ounce FLASK 304 Surgical Stainless-Steel. Flask features leak-proof screw-down cap and brushed finish on sides with polished finish on top and bottom. 

8oz Stainless Steel Flask, Lightweight Drinking Flask with a Screw-On, Leak Proof Lid, Polished Silver, 8-Ounce Capacity

COOL STYLISH ELEGANCE: Maxam's Stainless-Steel 8-ounce Flask is a lightweight container for liquid that holds 5 solid shots of liquor in an eye-catchingly slim yet sturdy mini-canteen—letting you turn any normal beverage anywhere into a relaxing cocktail!

ATTRACTIVE REFINEMENT: Ideal for adding just the right of chic dashing style to any fashionable ensemble, our sleek flask is the perfect gentlemanly accessory that when seen confidently being used is an instant conversation starter.

TASTEFULLY AFFORDABLE: Features a brushed silver-polished gleaming finish that draws the eye and an attached screw-on leak-proof lid for maintaining freshness and flavor-which are delivered with no metallic marring of your liquor's beautiful taste.

CLASSIC DIMENSIONS & FEATHERLIGHT WEIGHT: Measures 5.8 inches tall by 4 inches wide and is 1.2 inches thick whilst weighing a scant .32 ounces, making this affordable flask perfectly sized to slide right into any pocket without being noticed.

BEAUTIFUL USE & EASY-QUICK CARE: Get a small funnel for fast filling and keep a little microfiber cloth on hand to wipe fingerprints away quickly-then engrave your initials on it for one last charming touch...

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