EKCO Arrowhead Cutlery Reconditioning Service
EKCO Arrowhead Cutlery Reconditioning Service

EKCO Arrowhead Cutlery Reconditioning Service

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Arrowhead Cutlery Reconditioning Services

Why recondition your Ekco Arrowhead Knives? If you purchased your knives in the 1965 to 1987, depending on condition and the handle material, could be a sought-after collector item. Besides, they are the best cutting knives ever made.

Knives of this quality can no longer be replicated. Due to worldwide restrictions on cutting and importing exotic woods, your Norwegian Sablewood handles are no longer available. The metal for the blades came from a century’s old Japanese sword company – they are no longer in business.  Last but not least, the master craftsmen who handmade your Ekco Arrowhead Cutlery are no longer alive.

Nevertheless, we can recondition and restore most VINTAGE Arrowhead Cutlery. This process includes:

Handles: rehydrating the handles with phenolics resins. Then complete the process with three separate buffing and polishing operations to make your Arrowhead Cutlery look as close to new as possible.

Blades: This process includes three separate buffing and polishing operations to remove minor scratches and finish with a high-polish mirror finish.

Sharpening: Blades are hand sharpened to a razor edge in a two to three different whetstone processes.  

Cost of Reconditioning: $22.50 for the first knife and $17.50 for each additional knife

Ship your knives to the address below. DO NOT include cash, check, or credit card number. One of our top craftsmen will inspect your knives and contact you to let you know if they need more or less work. When reconditioning is complete customer service will contact you for payment by credit card. We will pay for return shipping.

Pack your knives so no blade protrudes or slices through the packaging during shipping. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address.

  • Health Craft Cookware Company
  • Arrowhead Division
  • PO Box 262502
  • Tampa, Florida 33685


If you are interested in selling your Ekco Arrowhead Knives or Trading-In and Trading-Up call or text 1-813-390-1144.