Why Health Craft Full-Body Induction Cookware?

Health Craft full-body induction cookware, in many ways, is different from both the less expensive pots and pans on display in most discount stores and the popular commercially designed cookware available in the upscale market. First and foremost, Health Craft full-body induction cookware is designed specifically for the home cook. Secondly, it’s not available in retail stores. Historically, it’s only been available through distributors who conduct live cooking shows at fairs, festivals and home shows to demonstrate the facts, features and benefits, or those who come to your home by appointment. Why this method of marketing? Prior to infomercials and internet shopping sites, there was no other way, besides through live demonstration, to explain the values and principles of Health Craft full-body induction cookware. So beware, not all of the cookware that claims to be induction cookware compares to Health Craft full-body induction cookware.

The quality of induction cookware varies from company to company and from set to set, as do the features and benefits. I know firsthand that good cookware is expensive to produce, and as the designer and manufacturer of one of America’s premier lines of induction cookware, there is no such thing as getting more than you pay for. To begin with, stainless steel, like oil, is a worldwide commodity selling for the same price, by grade, in China as it does in the USA. Health Craft full-body induction cookware is an investment but no more expensive than the popular commercially designed cookware, and certainly equal to the value of the refrigerator you use to keep your foods fresh and the range you use to cook with. Health Craft full-body induction cookware is more than a lifetime investment: it’s an investment in a healthy lifestyle.

If you decide on another brand, purchase from a reputable company and a reputable distributor. And even more important, compare before you buy. Induction cookware made in the USA will be your best bet; Along with Al-Clad copper-core and Saladmaster, Health Craft is one of the top three leading brands. Once you own a good set of full-body induction cookware, it will be very difficult to settle for less.

Exclusive Health Craft features:

  1. Heavy 0.10 surgical stainless steel vented lids for waterless, greaseless cooking
  2. 3 different pan thicknesses in various pans for different cooking applications
  3. 20/12 ni-chromium surgical stainless cooking surface
  4. T438s magnetic surgical stainless steel exterior
  5. Full-body induction construction. This is the most important feature
  6. Many pans invert for induction stack cooking
  7. Health Craft is owned by culinary professionals and bestselling cookbook authors

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