Why Cook with Magnetic Waterless Greaseless Cookware?

Magnetic Waterless Greaseless Cookware
ONE: Peeling and coring remove minerals beneath the skin of fruits and vegetables.
TWO: Boiling vegetables dissolves water soluble minerals.
THREE: High temperature cooking further destroys vitamins, minerals, and life-giving enzymes.
FOUR: Oxidation, cooking without a cover, causes loss of flavor and color.
FIVE: Cooking in grease makes food SEVEN times harder to digest.
Cooks evenly
Saves health
Saves money
Saves flavor
Saves fuel
Saves heat
Saves time
Saves work
Saves food
Saves meat shrinkage
Lasts a lifetime saves on replacements

      VAPOR VENT – It’s important to have a STEAM CONTROL on the lid of your pans. Why?

      • When pan-broiling chicken, steaks, and chops to a beautiful golden brown, or roasting on top of the stove, cook with the lid on and the vent open. Then there is no grease splatter to cleanup when you finished cooking. No orders in your hair, draperies, carpets, or furniture. It keeps everything in the pan, including your money. Did you ever cook a roast in the oven? It goes in the size of a football and comes out the size of a softball. For every 5 lbs. you lose 2 lbs. to meat shrinkage.
      • When cooking vegetable with waterless way, place the vegetables in a pan it will nearly fill and rinse with filtered water. Then pour the water off. Just the water that clings to the vegetables is sufficient to cook the waterless way. Place on medium heat with the vent open, when the steam begins to escape and the whistle sounds, close the vent and turn the heat to low. So medium to low is all you need to know.

      WATERLESS COOKING is possible due to the vapor seal created by the tightly fitting self-sealing cover. This process cooks vegetables in its own natural juices for nutritional, flavorful and appetizing goodness. Food shrinkage is greatly reduced over ordinary cooking method, thus making waterless cooking with induction cookware is more economical and energy-efficient to use. The vapor seal is maintained by using “low” heat.

      EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION. High quality Magnetic Induction Waterless Greaseless Cookware will have 5, 7 or 9 layers of space age heat conduction cores. The inside cooking surface should be a T304 or 316ti surgical quality stainless steel. The outside layer must be a 439 magnetic surgical stainless steel. The core and/or bottom heat diffuser plate should be made of multi-ply aluminum core so it will cook from the bottom up, sides in, and top down.

      HANDLE FITTING with waterless greaseless induction cookware is protected by the stainless-steel flame guard between the handle and the pan. Attachment by stainless steel weld ensures stability and stay tight handle in a locked position. The STEAM CONTROL knob has a whistle vent made of high-quality heat-resistant materials for longevity and cleanability. Handles and knobs are dishwasher safe.


      Look for cookware brands that have SELF STORING COVERS. This is a good idea especially when you need to locate the right lid to the right pan. Secondly, cookware with self-storing lids will take up a lot less cupboard space. Handles with loops or stainless rings will allow you to hang you cookware with the lid in the pan, if you like.

      SELF SERVING COVERS. The lid should invert and double as a trivet. A particularly attractive serving feature for formal or informal dining… and the food stays hot.

      CREATIVE COOKING COMBINATIONS. Preheat the lover unit on medium heat and sear the roast on all sides. Chop celery, onions and carrots with your food cutter and place around the roast. This will form your condiment, flavor and gravy. Place whole potatoes around the roast.  Lower the heat and place the steamer rack on the lower unit with a cake mix in the double boiler and place on the rack. Cover with high-dome cover – the roast, potatoes and gravy will roast on top of the stove in 50 minutes with no interchanging of flavors or colors. Start freshly cut vegetables in the middle upper unit on medium heat. When the cover is hot to touch and the lid spins freely. Place on top of the lower unit. Repeat the same process with another vegetable or fruit and stack three high.

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