Top 3 Best Induction Cookware Brands 2023

Induction Cooking SAVES Time, Energy, and Money. Investing in induction cooking will actually provide a quick return on your investment. There are many health benefits to induction cooking as well.

Induction cooking, compared to a gas burner, allows for much faster heat-ups, quicker temperature changes, and safer cooking without flames or burning-hot surfaces. Induction converts 90% of its energy to cooking heat, versus 74% for an electric stove, and 40% for a gas stove. And unlike gas, it's better for indoor air quality. They have a built-in safety feature.

With induction cooking, less energy is lost to the surrounding air, and the workload of the HVAC system overall is reduced.

There are many health benefits as well.


When an induction compatible pan is placed on an induction cooktop and the unit is turned on an electric current will pass through the coiled copper wire underneath the ceramic glass cooking surface creating an electromagnetic field causing the pan to heat up directly proportional to the heat setting. The ceramic glass top will remain cool, with only some residual heat from the pan. Non-magnetic pans put in the same place will remain cold.


Induction cooktop patents date back to the from the 1900s. The first consumer model was introduced in 1951 by Frigidaire, a division of General Motors, on a North American tour with the GM Showcase.

The induction cooker was shown heating a pot of water with a newspaper placed between the stove and the pot, to demonstrate the convenience and safety. However, due to a general lack of consumer interest induction cooktops were never put into production in the USA.

In 1971 Westinghouse introduced their newly designed single burner “Cool Top Induction Cooker” at National Association of Home Builders convention in Houston, Texas. Westinghouse made a few hundred units (including a set of 4-Ply cookware) but at $1,500 ($12,000 in 2022 dollars). When the Westinghouse Consumer Products Division to White Consolidated Industries Inc. in 1975 production stopped. 

Finally in the mid 1990’s, through the magic of Television Infomercials, NuWave with Bob Warden introduced their single burner induction cooker. At the same time Charles Knight and Chef Tell introduced Health Craft the first full-body induction cookware. Today, induction cooktops and cookware are a $22 billion dollar business…

But don’t be fooled by imitations and lookalikes. Many cookware brands claim to be induction compatible but are actually older versions of pans with nothing more than an induction plate attached to the bottom.

Because an induction burner is capable of heating the entire body, the pan must be made of full-body induction compatible stainless steel. Heating and cooling are instantaneous. Equally important it is advisable to for the cookware to have a vented lid that can be opened or closed to prevent the lid from vapor-locking to the pan.

Best Induction Cookware Brands 2023

  1. Ultra-Tech II 9-Ply Magnetic Induction Cookware features a 316ti
    (Titanium) surgical stainless steel cooking surface with a full-body 439 magnetic induction surgical stainless-steel exterior. The extra heavy encapsulated aluminum core bottom has 2 layers of silver for immediate transfer of heat. With two layers of silver this pan is 2X faster than aluminum core and 10X faster than a cast iron core pans. A Vapor Valve with a whistle vent in the lid alerts you when to lower the temperature, and a temperature gauge shows the exact temperature inside the pan. Each conventional cooking pan has an extra-large water well for creating a vapor seal for waterless cooking, and extra-long flame guards to prevent the handles from overheating. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Imported. It is the best heating pan ever developed for induction cooking and works great on gas and electric as well. This is the Rolls Royce of Induction Cookware.
  2. Health Craft 7-Ply Magnetic Induction Cookware features a T304s surgical-stainless steel cooking surface and exterior with a full-body carbon-core for induction cooking. The extra heavy encapsulated aluminum core bottom has a layer of silver for immediate transfer of heat. Silver is 2X faster than aluminum core and 10X faster than a cast iron core pans. The base of the pan is 430 induction compatible stainless steel. Each conventional cooking pan has a water well for creating a vapor seal for waterless cooking. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Imported. Exceptional quality. 
  3. Vita Craft Commercial 5-Ply Magnetic Induction Cookware features full-body induction construction with a T304s surgical stainless-steel cooking surface and 430 induction compatible stainless-steel exterior. The heat conducting core is made of pure aluminum sandwiched between 2 layers alloy aluminum. Lids feature extra heavy 304 stainless steel. Handles are made of solid stainless steel hang-up handles riveted to the pan. It is the best commercial cookware made today. Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.
  4. Honorable Mention – Maxam Induction Compatible Cookware.

NOTE: The very best induction cookware is not sold in retail stores as the retail market has been negatively affected by the economy and COVID. However, all lines mentioned in this article can be ordered online by simply clicking the links above.

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