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  • HOW TO COOK PERFECT FRIED EGGS by Chef Charles Knight see video

    Eggs and egg-based foods are the exception to the greaseless cooking method. Having no natural oils, a small amount of lubricant, such as unsalted...
  • Why you Should NEVER Microwave Food from Chef Charles Knight

    Celebrity chef, Charles Knight, is a Rahway, New Jersey born bestselling cookbook author and former co-host of “In the Kitchen with Chef Tell (PAX Television Network), and “Jack Can’t Cook” with Jack Harris (Food Network and NBC/WFLA-TV). Chef Knight received his basic culinary training working under Chef William Christmas while still in high school. He furthered his culinary education attending (ICE) the Institute of Culinary Education NYC and earned credits in Nutritional Cuisine from the (CIA) Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. He is recognized worldwide at the foremost expert on the classic methods of waterless cooking.

    Microwaving food kills 98%of cancer-fighting nutrients in broccoli, research shows:

  • Healthy Soups, Stews and Chili - Homemade Beans

    ONE OF THE most admired skills in any cook’s repertoire is the ability to create wholesome, tasty soups and stews. Cooks with these admirableattributes frequently utilize soups and stews as highly versatile comfort foods, and with good reason. Picture a bitterly cold day and exhilarating hot soups and stews come to mind. During a boring bout in bed, throat-soothing soups [...]