Social Media Network Marketing Person Wanted. To start $100,000 to $250,000

Social Media Network Marketing Person Wanted. To start $100,000 to $250,000 with incentives. Contact Chef Charles Knight 1-813-885-5244

Dear Fellow Carico Distributors: I want to give you a Carico business update, but first let me say I hope you and your family are all staying safe. By utilizing the Carico products in your home, such as the steamer/sanitizer, water filtration, air purifier, cookware and Carico mattress, gives you a tremendous advantage over most other people. The Carico team is working and ready to ship and handle all business on a daily basis. I am in the office every day and totally connected to my team to assure that we effectively service you and our customers. We received an exemption to operate based on the fact our products are helping as solutions to this pandemic. We are getting calls from all over the world from different direct sales companies that want to join Carico. They are realizing we are ahead of the curve with product development, and we are the only direct sales company that will thrive because the products we have will be in demand worldwide, not only now but for years to come. As you may be aware, I am currently producing videos on our products and will be working on our air purifiers, water purification system, cookware/juicer, and our sleeping system. They will be short, individual presentations for each. Our people are sending the links to their customers and following up with phone calls. They are doing this through Zoom and other social media outlets. In addition to our AV team, I hired a high-level social media expert who will help take us to a new dimension in marketing, utilizing direct sales in combination with social media. Keep in mind all your customers need replacement cartridges. I suggest you contact them to see if they need help or service and while you are talking to them, introduce them to our newer products that they can use during these times. Our air filter business has skyrocketed; however, we are running out of inventory of deluxe and compact units. They should be arriving in 4-5 weeks. We currently have a large inventory of our programmable deodorizer as well as our 3-in1 unit. By utilizing the ozone/deodorizer, it will destroy any virus. We are now using these units as gifts with other products. I believe we are poised to break all records based on the fact that this virus has brought a new awareness for the necessity for good health and our immune systems to the forefront. Now is a good time to sponsor distributors from other direct sales companies because cookware companies, vacuum companies and other single-product direct sales companies not related to health will be struggling going forward. In addition, unemployment will rise, which will open opportunities for sponsoring new salespeople. This virus is a profoundly serious and sad situation; however, the good news is our products are a big part of the solution now and going forward. So, let us get positive and make it happen! Stay tuned for more videos and updates coming soon.

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