Is Your Mattress Toxic?

Under the new government regulation 16 CFR Part 1633, mattresses need to withstand exposure to open flame sources for at least 30 minutes. ... "The mattress is the largest fuel source in your home. By making it more flame-resistant, your odds of surviving a fire increase." The question is...


Should You Ditch Your Chemical Mattress? Good night sleep tight—don’t let the volatile organic compounds bite. Mother Jones News

Studies in laboratory animals and humans have linked the most scrutinized flame retardants (polybrominated diphenyl or PBDE’s) to thyroid disruption, memory and learning problems, delayed mental and physical development, lower IQ, advanced puberty, and reduced fertility. Other flame retardants have been linked to cancer. (Studies by the Department of Environmental Health and MOE Key Lab of Environment & Health / Center for Children’s Environmental Health Research).

  1. Fire retardants are not bound to the foam in your mattress.
  2. The chemical retardants off gas from foam and settle into dust.
  3. Dust is then ingested through hand-to-mouth contact and as you breathe while sleeping.

Studies had reported that fire retardant compounds are building in human fat, seminal fluid and breast milk; and also shown in children with higher exposure to fire retardants in the while still in the womb or during early childhood were more likely to score lower on test assessing coordination attention and IQ. (Studies by Professor Ronald Hites School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University and Brenda Eskenasi Director of Berkeley’s Center for Environmental research and Children’s Health).

“Halogenated flame retardants contain at least on halogen atom, bromine or chlorine, bonded to a carbon atom. Such molecules are not naturally found in mammals, so our bodies do not know what to do with them. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, lower IQ, reduced fertility, birth defects, and hormone changes.” (Green Science Policy Institute).

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